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In this Digital Era, there are a number of ways to make money online. Jobless fellow degree holders, students, part-time workers and many kinds of people rely on online works. YouTube is one of the platforms to make money online by simply creating interesting videos.   

Yes, you can earn money through YouTube by creating a channel and uploading interesting, creative, useful videos on your channel.   

“But why do they pay for my videos?”

If your channel has more viewers, YouTube puts an advertisement in your video, where the advertiser pays for the ad. A part of the payment goes to YouTube, and another part goes to the creator of the video.   

Now YouTube has changed its policies of the adverts which have become very difficult for the online workers to earn money through YouTube.    

In its previous policy, an advertisement will be placed in your video if you receive 10,000 views on your video. A significant amount will be paid for every 1000 views after that.

However, the new policy states that your channel should have a minimum of 1000 subscribers in order to receive payment.    

In addition to that, 4000 hours of your channel videos should have been watched by other audience in the past 12 months. These two strict rules have made by YouTube.

This strategic move by YouTube is to avoid spammers, impersonators and other poor video makers from affecting the revenue of other good YouTube account. This, in turn, will raise the standard of YouTube dramatically.

This move by YouTube involves a manual review of videos. More than 10,000 people will be reviewing every video that has been uploaded on YouTube.

This intervention will stop many poor, low quality, anti-social, inappropriate and negative videos from making money.

This time, with the policies being made very strict with reviewers, it is going to be a tough time for the video makers to earn through YouTube.

There have been a few controversial videos on YouTube, where popular YouTuber’s like Logan Paul had to be excluded from Google for uploading an extreme content in his YouTube channel.

He uploaded a video of a dead body hanging in a tree in Japan’s forest. Google had no other choice than to exclude Mr Paul.   

With strict policies, will YouTube be able to maintain its market?

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