Whatsapp Scam


Whatsapp users have been warned of a con that is aimed to steal people’s bank details. Attackers try to get your bank details by charging for a free service application.

Users have been receiving messages like “your subscription to free service usage of WhatsApp is over and you have to pay to continue the services”. This kind of message has been threatening many WhatsApp users. The attackers have been trying to get people’s bank details by passing this kind of messages to the users.        

The scam charges Whatsapp users for the lifetime subscription.

The message contains information that provides lifetime subscriptions at lower rates to trick users into giving their payment details.

Cyber crime has warned the users not to fall for the scam. They provided users with an email link to get the subscription. Once the link is clicked, it infects your system with malware. The link redirects users to a page where you have to pay your subscription fee for the continual usage of the application. Facebook which took over WhatsApp in 2016 has already made it clear that its application never charges a single penny.    

Meanwhile, the attackers try to hack the computers, mobile phones and trick the users to get payment details. With billions of users, WhatsApp is providing some extraordinary service to the users to stay connected with their family and friends.

This is not the first time a hoax message is spread through WhatsApp by the e-attackers. There has been a number of messages every day to trick the users to get their payment details. Users should be very careful before clicking on these types of links.

Attackers have been scamming users through messages, email, calls etc. Users should try to be aware of these types of emails and messages. Before opening an application, users should carefully read the terms and conditions.

Without knowing the terms and conditions of an application or a software, we will never be able to know whether the emails or messages are a scam.

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