War of the Future: China vs. America


It has been a very fair rule in human history that if you want to conquer, you must win a war, the war can be physical, economic, diplomatic or technological. We are living in an age where artificial intelligence will make decisions for us and robots will help us to complete tasks. In this world where one’s position in technology defines their power and worthiness, it can be a standard solution to have a tech-based battle and decide who will lead the world as a tech superpower in the future.

Continuing from the past, we have seen the world’s first race to achieve tech power and industry influence was the space race to the Moon some decades ago. The USA vs Russia; the first person to step foot on the surface of the Moon did, in fact, turn out to be American. NASA’s Apollo 11 sent Mr Neil Armstrong to make history for the entire human race. The winner of that war was declared the United States of America, who become prominent in the world of technology, which it has been ruling ever since.

A controversy has begun boiling today in the 21st Century, 50 years later. With the advanced technological era, we are heading into the field of artificial intelligence and robotics. A new race has begun to launch 5G first to determine the world’s tech leader for the future. Other than European counties, there are two significant countries against each other, the US and China who are determined to beat the other and cross the finish line first.

The controversy aforementioned first began at the start of 2019. The primary source of the matter is the long-held belief of lawmakers and US intelligence organisations that Huawei acts on instructions from the Chinese government, undermining US national security and posing cybersecurity and privacy risks for American and UK customers. The situation worsenend when Google cut off Huawei’s Android license. This is not all; many other companies refuse to trade with Huawei (China). The result was that even the iPhone got banned from China, even though the country is the buyer of 80% of the world’s iPhones. The situation became even tenser as the US and China refused to continue trade with each other. However, the end motive is something else entirely and only adds to the buildup in stopping one another form launching 5G technology first.

According to statistics, we have seen China handling the situation easily. As the world’s largest (united) population they have banned American products in their country and hence there has been a major drop in market shares of some of the significant US-based companies following the 30 day period. The US has attempted to make Huwaei lose their customers by not providing Google services to their users, on which they have announced to launch their own OS which they claim to be faster than the Android OS. Huawei became the world’s number one brand in 2018 with their sale of over 54 million. With this situation in hand, this may lead the end user to a tech diversion over the market.

Now the problem is for the users, customers, and buyers. The ripple effect of this war to become a World leader in the field of AI and modern technology is misguiding the whole world. End users may not understand what this non-trading policy means, but they do feel inconvenienced if they do not have access to a market from where they can download mobile applications (Google play services). The world is changing as is technology, but the change has always been for the benefit of end user, but, right now the change seems to be going in quite the opposite direction.

Nadeem Jahangir

Easy Softonic


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