The Cars with the Cheapest/Expensive Servicing Costs


The one dreaded phone call that all car owners hate has to be: ‘Hi, it’s the garage. We’ve found a few issues with your car’s service, so the bill is going to be more expensive than we thought.’

Recent data suggests that more than 250,000 vehicle services claim to have revealed the models that are the cheapest when it comes to scheduling a check-up from a mechanic.

Research has suggested that if you want to save money, then a dated Peugeot 106 is your best bet, while a Porsche Boxter can be bad for your wallet.

Car servicing provider, Servicing Stop said it compared the total cost of the service and worked out the average cost of each vehicle over the last 12 months, to see which is the most expensive and which is the least.

Most of the figures are based on independent garages, so you should be expected to pay higher prices if you were to book your car into a dealer’s franchised servicing department.

The Peugeot 106, built from 1991 till 2003, worked out to be the cheapest to have serviced. The average cost for the tiny little French hatchback was just £158 which is £35 less than the average service fee for over 250,000 vehicles.

However, in 2002, there were around 350,000 106s registered on the road, although by the end of 2017 there were just 25,000 remaining, which suggested that 325,000 had been scrapped during the last 16 years.

In 2013, the Ford Ecosport had the second lowest average service cost of £176.

The most expensive cars to service has to be Porsche Boxter, which has the average service bill of £426. The second most expensive car to service has to be the Jaguar S-Type, averaging at £406. In third place is the Volvo XC70 which costs £404.

Porsche, Jaguar and BMW have had atleast two models each that appear in the top 10 list of priciest services, with Chrysler and Ford also making an appearance.

Oly Richmond, CEO and founder of Servicing Stop, suggested that servicing costs were overlooked by car buyers. He said:

‘Many motorists think about the cost of the car when purchasing a new or second-hand model, but often the running costs go forgotten about.’

‘You could end up spending twice as much every single year by purchasing a more expensive vehicle to service so make sure to do your research in advance.’

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