The Anticipated Launch of Google’s Augmented Reality Maps


“The next major step in navigation tech” 

After speculation on Google’s next launch, the company has announced the release of Google Maps AR for their Pixel devices. These devices allow owners to see directions on their maps in AR, therefore presenting arrows that point the user to the right direction in a real-time environment.  

How does it work? 

Once the maps app is activated, the AR feature uses the camera, which shows the user a list of their surroundings with the actual map shown at the bottom of the screen.  

After the user has entered their desired destination, Google Maps begins to display arrows guiding the user in a real-time environment. It also shows helpful information for the user, such as street names and a distance countdown. 

To ensure that users don’t look down on their phone too long when walking down the street, Maps gives the user a warning and even begins to dim the screen so that users are reminded to pay attention to what is ahead of them, rather than on their screens. Not only is this a safety feature, but it also saves mobile data and battery. 

AR Maps are only currently available on Pixel phones; Google has not yet revealed when this feature will be available on other devices. 

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