Most of you will wonder what soul healing is. How can our own soul heal every part of us and remove all our blockages. Yes our soul is the most powerful energy within us which is infinite and is aligned with our own divinity.

There are many times if any part of your life is not in alignment with your soul purpose, the soul can block it if it’s not on track. What it wants to attain in its journey through our body till it’s in the earthly realm. You will know the potential of your soul when you tune into yourself and silence your mind for few moments every day through meditation or by being out in the nature. Our soul can expand our awareness in multi dimensional ways in various planes of existence. It can connect us to our Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, heal our karmic patterns. We can dismiss our soul contracts just before our birth we made in this present life time with our free will and make new contracts.

Soul healing is a more expanded version when we remain limited with our orthodox way of therapies or treatments. It works in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.
I have made my soul my best partner in my day to day life. When I feel I need to struggle sometimes with certain situations in my journey of my life, I just tune within me and ask my Higher intelligence of my mind , body , soul and Spirit to help me and it feels so blissful . The situation is brought into alignment and the work is done.

Our soul within is clairvoyant. It can see, feel, listen to a higher frequency which we in our physical body can’t.

The funny part is most of the time whenever I do my grocery shopping or I want to even do interior designing of my home or which dress to wear in my day to day life events, my soul interferes to push me to choose certain colours and things which are in alignment . I have to at times tell my soul to keep quite as a best friend as I like to execute my free will but yes I do take my soul suggestions too.

Besides it’s interesting to take out some time and do some serious discussion with our soul. With process of time eventually, it will reveal itself more freely. Sometime I get very annoyed with my own soul if it blocks any path I would like to take like choosing a particular relationship or a project and I find it’s being blocked. I ask my soul using my freewill to unblock it and instead help me.

Why does the soul block or give diseases to the body?
It does so because it wants to ignite and evolve by balancing our karmas by various experiences in this vast infinite consciousness in a very limited time in the earthly realm being in our physical body. The tougher you experience, more insightful you become to evolve and grow.
So at times we don’t understand our circumstances of any situations; why it didn’t go well despite putting in so much effort or some events just turns out to give excellent result effortlessly.

Every soul is vibrating in different frequency energetically. There are younger souls and others are old souls which have incarnated in many life times.

But there is a part in our soul energy which has a pain body. Our soul suffers and feels the pain too if any life experiences is not in alignment with it. Most people suffer in relationships and soul energy is damaged and they feel lost as well as feel extreme vulnerability or go into depression. In such situations, it’s always better to tune into Angelic energy and God to heal the pain of the soul.

Our soul is the light and force which is part of God’s energy. You can easily open your channels to the portal of God’s energy through your soul’s help.
Whenever you pray, you need not connect to an image or idea of God but instead just pray to your own higher self which has a direct link to the higher intelligence within you which knows everything about you in all dimensions.

God’s energy which I experience is very high vibration Love and Light energy. Connecting this way you can alter many patterns, soul and karmic contracts , programming’s from the deep cellular memory to your DNA structure because in every atom of your cell has a vast Universal consciousness.

Besides we can do soul to soul telepathic connection and transmit or exchange messages or information with other souls too.

To conclude our soul plays a greater role in our day to day life by expanding our awareness and guides us with intuition as well as to live morally with grace and compassion.

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