Shell Oil Company Chief gets Paid 143 Times more than the Average UK Employee


Shell Oil Company Chief gets Paid 143 Times more than the Average UK Employee


The CEO of oil-company Shell saw his pay double last year to more than €20 million (£17 million) in total. Ben van Beurden’s total salary pay in 2017, which was roughly €9 million, prompted an investor revolt. The Dutch official’s rise comes as the company increased its yearly profits by nearly $10 billion, and he is also set to have a number of long term incentives from his current role kick in.


Mr van Beurden’s pay is currently numerous times bigger than the normal Shell worker in the UK.  The firm’s Remuneration Committee said the proportion was “steady” with those in the best 30 organisations listed in London. Shell also stated that the company trusted in reward packages “that are externally competitive and internally balanced, which means the CEO is the worker with the most astounding extent of variable pay as he has the largest amount of duty.”


A Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) report found that the normal FTSE 100 CEO earned multiple times more than the normal UK worker. The Anglo-Dutch giant Shell is one of the most important recorded organisations in Britain. In spite of its desire to reduce its carbon footprint by 2050, the firm is one of the world’s biggest polluters, radiating 73 million tons on carbon dioxide (CO2) in 2017. A year ago, Shell declared it would link executive pay to carbon outflow targets, subject to an investor vote in 2020.


The move pursued weight from investors, including the Church of England Pensions Board. Mr van Beurden’s pay has long been a matter of speculation. Numerous investors addressed why Shell executives were paid bonuses for 2017, the year in which a tanker kept running by a sub-temporary worker in Pakistan detonated, and slaughtered more than 200 individuals. Luke Hildyard, the director of the High Pay Centre think tank, said Mr van Beurden’s pay packet epitomised Shell’s “defective governance model and warped corporate culture.”


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