National Director of Capital Business Hub, Thomas McGeever


Meet our new National Director of Capital Business Hub, Thomas McGeever.

Thomas joined All 4 Youth in 2012 and has led on project delivery and partnerships. Thomas is a specialist in health and fitness and has over 11 years experience as a lecturer, verifier and assessor. Thomas is a Head of School at South & City College with a passion for ensuring young people maximise their abilities and have successful progression either back into education, to higher education of into employment.

 All 4 Youth & Community. Mohammed Zafran (Zaf) founded it as a CIC (Community Interest Company) and works with Thomas McGeever delivering sporting and educational programs to encourage youths to get back into full-time study, employment and many other community activities. This is Zaf’s story.

My inspiration to set this up was the tragic death of my brother in law (24), who was brutally murdered in a local park and the death of my blind sister in 2009, which is another reason why I help all charity organisations. I started walking in the middle of the nights and engaging with gangs who were involved with crime and drugs. At first, I got spat at but once they knew I was here for the long run, they eventually gave in.

From the street, gangs, alley ways and parks, these youths have been given a new source to get their life back on track and that through showing them love and affection. A couple of years ago, I set up an academy for young Muslim women who were being forced to quit education at the age of 15 and forced in arrange marriages, to continue in further education. We have engaged with over 5,000 women progressed over 3,500 of them into further education and employment

21,268            People have successfully completed an All 4 Youth project

6,700              Ladies in the women’s academy

4,600              Participants enrolled back onto educational courses

2,300              Young people progressed into contracted employment

We have delivered 99 social, sporting and community-based programs and have recently started delivery on our 100th project. The 100th project will be over a 2 year period and will target 1,500 young people across Birmingham over this life of the project; we have already begun activities with 500 young people.  

The project is wide-ranging and we have 18 volunteers ensuring this is a success. Whilst we have our traditional sporting activities with the All 4 Youth & Community Football League and Indoor Cricket Project running each Saturday for 36 and 32 teams respectively for 16-24-year-olds; we also have litter picking, walk and talk sessions. We are targeting 150 participants for fitness sessions and individualised nutrition plans; regular drug, community and social awareness classes as well as mentoring and communication seminars … and many more.

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