Me and my Injector-Pen by Suki Bhachu Book Review


Local Brummie Mum Suki Bhachu, is among hundreds of parents in the UK who discovered their child had serious allergies to certain types of foods. With the desperate need to inform other carers, and teaching staff about the growing healthcare issue, she wrote her first book to educate these readers.

The colourfully animated and easy to absorb ‘Me and my Injector-Pen’ is an admirable and fun to flick-through healthcare book like no other. It makes learning about food allergies, and how to combat them immediately with the use of an EpiPen, fun for youngsters to understand. 

With the help of engaging facts, word games and puzzles, the educational pages are sure to keep your little ones informed and well read.

What is an Epipen and how does it Work?

An Epipen contains the medicinal compound Epinephrine, which is designed to quickly combat very serious allergies to certain foods, including eggs, milk, soy, fish and nuts. The chemical in the injector pen works fast to tackle breathing difficulties, raise low blood pressure, stimulate the heart, reduce hives and the swelling of the facial features.

Friends and family of the person who has been prescribed the EpiPen by a pharmacist should learn how to inject the needle safely and properly. For a child, their leg should be held in place before the pen is injected into their thigh to avoid accidents. The effects of epinephrine are immediate but not long-lasting; a medical professional should still be consulted after an allergic reaction occurs.

“Commonly known as an EpiPen, this wonderfully illustrated book introduces ‘Pip’ and explains in a most adorable fashion how injectable-pens work and the common symptoms to look out for when a food allergy is suspected or active.” –KidsActiveMedia

Me and my Injector-Pen is available for purchase at

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