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Some of you may or may not be aware but Klout went Kaput so to speak as of 25th of May. I suspect it has something to do with GDPR or it could be just a big coincidence as it happened on that date.  For me, Klout was showing signs it was going downhill over the last 6 months! Until recently, Klout was mostly seen as the defacto industry standard for measuring social media engagement, but with limitations. The tool was mainly based on who was most active on social media rather than who had an engaged, relevant audience etc.

Now there is a new kid on the block to measure social media engagement – Skorr Social, it was launched on May 7th. The free app is available for download from Apple Store and Google Play and it connects up to 6 of your social media profiles. It aggregates and analyses content to get a measure of your social media pulse. The usual suspects, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr.

First impressions, the GUI is not too bad but a little better than Klout, certainly more colourful. Even with its bugs and teething problems, there is an active WhatsApp group that a lot of influencers and users are part of including the owners to keep engaged and iron out software issues. In turn, users get to keep informed and even push their #Skorr up!

Based in Portugal, Skorr managed to secure £1 million pounds in funding, so looks like they are here to stay and have been getting a lot of attention from influencers globally. Skorr is a worthwhile replacement for Klout, they have insights (analytics) so you can see how well your posts are doing, how much engagement and post reactions you are getting.

You get notified when you get a ‘killer post’ in which the likes and comments update pretty quickly for those that live off instant gratification and need to know these things quickly.

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