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According to research released by City & Guilds Group, thirty-two percent of businesses still feel there is a significant skills shortage in the UK, with nine out of ten companies surveyed admitting that it is often a struggle to recruit the skills they need.

Many of the skills companies are seeking are practical work-based skills or skills developed through industry-specific experience. Immensus Associates, a fresh thinking sales and marketing firm believe that this skills shortage highlights this importance of offering young people well-rounded career guidance, and teaching them that a university degree isn’t the only route to success.

Further research from City & Guilds Group found that while 69 percent of young people plan to go to university, only 30 percent of jobs on the market today are graduate positions. This suggests that many young people may find greater professional success through alternative routes to the workplace and that companies could close the skills gap by increasing their investment in in-house skills training.

Immensus Associates believes that everyone has the potential to be great, regardless of whether they have a degree or not. The firm is focused on developing its people; helping them to build practical, sought-after skills in a vibrant and busy business environment.

“There is no limit on how you can develop here. We always want our people to be in charge of their own futures. We’ve built a culture where people can be mentored by the most experienced and successful sales professionals in the industry. These individuals take personal responsibility for the development of others, challenging them daily so they can reach their full potential”, outlines a spokesperson from Immensus Associates.

Immensus Associates is committed to levelling the playing field and helping young people build sustainable lifelong success. Those interested in learning more about Immensus Associates and its inclusive opportunities are invited to contact the firm at

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