Hubitat Unveils Mobile App

Hubitat Elevation Mobile App and Home Automation Hub

Hubitat, Inc.   unveiled the Hubitat Elevation mobile app, providing customers with key features, remote access, presence detection, and push notifications to help Hubitat users Elevate Their Environment. The Hubitat Elevation mobile app is now available for iOS in the Apple App Store and for Android devices in Google Play Store.

The mobile app allows users remote access to their Hubitat Dashboards to monitor and control devices from anywhere with an internet connection. Dashboards can be setup to allow access to specific devices and use cases. Each dashboard can be personalized by changing background images, custom icons, colors and more. For mobile devices used at home, such as tablets, local access to Dashboards provides instantaneous response and updates, connecting directly to the user’s Hubitat Elevation hub.

The Hubitat Elevation mobile app features private presence detection and geofencing capabilities and securely transmits only that a geofence boundary has been crossed. This means that GPS data stays on the device, is never transmitted or stored, and users’ location privacy is protected.

Users can send push notifications from their hub to their mobile device to make sure they are always connected and informed, even when away from home. Many Hubitat built-in apps allow customized messages to be sent, including device and event information.

“Complementing Hubitat’s vision of true home automation, we wanted to provide users with an app that controls their devices and adds native geofencing and push notifications,” said Patrick Stuart, vice president of product and business development. “The mobile app integrates Hubitat Dashboards, push notifications and mobile presence detection, making Hubitat Elevation the complete solution for today’s DIYer.”

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