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Heathrow Airport could be hit by a sonic boom as often as every five minutes, after a new class of supersonic aeroplane has been welcomed into the facility. It is predicted that by 2035, there could be a demand for up to 2000 passengers, which is likely to include long hour trips. According to the analysis by the International Council for Clean Transportation (ICCT), the new aeroplanes will further erode chances of lowering emissions contributing to global warming. The renewal of the supersonic aircraft would bring sonic booms to many parts of the UK, not just London’s leading airport. 

The report author, Dan Rutherford said that there could be 300 daily landings and takeoffs by supersonic jets at the Heathrow airport, and the noise would affect twice as many people as large as the subsonic aircraft. He also said that the UK could be obstructed by the sonic boom from the flights between continental EU and North America. Central England might experience sonic booms up to 50 minutes per day, or almost every 20 minutes over a 16-hour flight day. The ICCT says that the supersonic jets are expected to emit 2.4 gigatons of CO2 over their 25-year lifespan and take up a fifth of the flight sector of carbon emission within this century. After the US, the UK would be the second highest greenhouse gas transistor from the new jets. 

Climate Change research of Manchester University’s Tyndall Centre’s professor Kevin Anderson said: “Science has verified the global scale of the impacts that our addiction to relic fuels is having on global systems and on our own children’s futures. Rather than transforming the world to one of our low carbon prosperity, our resources and skill is being squandered on toys for a few fortunate. Do we really think that the vision of attending Davos by supersonic jet is a suitable response to the existing threats we face?” 

The negotiators from the International Civil Aviation Organisation will congregate in Montreal in February to try to agree on noise standards and releases them for the next generation of supersonic jets, which could take on effect from 2025. 

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