IPhone users shocked after Apple reveals its secret Apple recently confirmed the already
existing suspicions by iPhone users that it has been deliberately slowing down the performance of iPhone as they grow older. They reasoned this move by saying that as a battery’s life diminishes over time, by slowing down the performance of the iPhone through its various iOS updates, it has tried to prolong the life of a customer’s device.

The company said that in cold conditions the lithium-ion batteries are less capable of
supplying the peak current demands, so when a device has a low battery charge or has aged over time, it will shut down in order to protect its electronic components. When
the charging and the discharging cycle occurs, the lithium ions degrade. This is because during the process the ions migrate through the material to form the battery. The more the ions migrate, the more is the degradation. In other words, the more the charge is transferred, the more the erosion of the material and lesser the battery life.

Customers, technology consultants and bloggers have had a varied response to what Apple has done without informing them. Some feel that Apple should have informed
its users and given them an option before slowing down their devices. There is a lot of
mistrust growing among users by the secret Apple has held from them for so long.

Others feel that it is an understandable situation as in the end it does help mitigate the problem of diminishing batteries.

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