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Shifa Herbs are a Naturopathic Health Consultancy based in Edgbaston, Birmingham. We aim to use completely natural methods such as homoeopathic medicines and herbs to ease our patients’ ailments and improve overall bodily health.

The clinic was established by Shafaqat Khan ND, who is a practitioner member of the Association of Master Herbalists. He has trained in a range of disciplines, including auricular acupuncture, basic homoeopathy, iridology and naturopathic nutrition. He has also studied herbal medicine from a variety of different cultures, including China, South Asia and the West.

We use a range of diagnostic methods to analyse our patients, such as Chinese pulse reading to determine cardiovascular health, tongue examination and Iris analysis. The key aim of our diagnosis is for you to achieve a balanced state of both mind and body.

Our consultations involve a private and confidential questioning session followed by diagnosis by our fully trained and expert healthcare professionals. We give medication and advice for a range of common conditions such as diabetes, anxiety and distress, eczema, asthma, joint problems, sleep disorders, digestive problems, fertility issues, blood pressure and much more.

Nutritional recommendations and supplements are always provided to aid the internal healing process. Bach flower remedies may also be produced to address any psychological and emotional element of illness. All of our patients can rest assured that our medicines do not have the usual side-effects of clinical medicines that are commonly used today.

We believe it is essential to educate our patients and give full explanations as to how our treatments work. This assists with compliance and hence achieves better health. Therefore, your doctor will guide you through the healing process. Extra dietary advice is given and our medical staff are available on call should you have any queries or concerns as you begin your treatment.

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