Accountants want to turn the clock back


It seems that for a lot of accountants the “good old days” really were something to remember with nostalgia. Given that it is nearly three decades time since the professions were deregulated and allowed to advertise the result came off something as a surprise to Norman Younger, Maximiti’s director who came up with the question.

He wonders whether the 23% represents “old timers” who never really understood that they were in business and couldn’t bring themselves to learn the finer nuances of marketing or whether these are younger accountants who never experienced regulation but find the seemingly constant attention required to be heard on social media simply too much.Then again, Younger reckons, perhaps it is a cross-section of the profession who believe that restriction means higher fees.

Whatever it points to it is probably something that should be of interest to the professional accountancy bodies because one would have expected a figure way below 23%. Is there enough professional training for facing the marketplace or is the profession simply facing the same market onslaught that retailers do with online behemoths?

“Perhaps I need to rerun this survey in another 20 years when nobody will be left in practice from the 1980’s – myself included !” quips Younger who commenced training in 1989.

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